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Lextronic’s Story

Alex Charles Swartz, DJ, Rapper, Producer, also known as Lextronic, DJ Lextronic, DJ LEX, Lex Masta Lex. Born and raised in Nashville, TN. 9+ Years of DJ experience, has worked with countless artist and DJS: DJ Cliffy D, David Banks , MZG, Upchurch, White Owl, Thomas Elizer aka (Teezie), 9Gotti, (Young Money’s) Caskey & DJ Luke Roswell, Tyke T. Started rapping and audio engineering in 2008 with Upchurch, Zombiak, MZG had falling out and have been solo ever since. DJ Ace as his father and role model has been djing in Nashville for 20+ years. Now Striving to create music in music city as a solo artist/producer Hip Hop/Edm/Trap! Album Coming 2020 To Be Announced. . .

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